Network for Learning blazing through Kiwi schools

12 February 2016

This is the third blog post to showcase the three New Zealand based winners of the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs). It features the innovative organisation N4L (Network for Learning) – and their winning "Managed Network" project – that is now used by more than 93% of schools across the country. 

N4L has built a Managed Network especially designed for schools. It provides fast, uncapped Internet running at predictable speeds and web filtering and network security services.  It’s about providing all New Zealand students and teachers equitable access to high quality Internet services and dynamic digital content for learning. Within two years, more than 740,000 students and teachers from over 2,300 schools have been connected to the Managed Network. That’s more than 90% of all schools. And the remaining schools will be able to connect by the end of this year.

This amazing service has been rightfully recognised and last year became the winner of an ANZIA award.

John Hanna is the CEO of N4L and says it’s humbling to be recognised by others outside our sector for the impact we are making in education. It’s also a nod to our government and technology partners that the work we are doing together is having positive outcomes on our young people. Together, we are digitally empowering education for a future-ready, world-ready New Zealand, says John.

The N4L team says the ANZIAs are a good time to reflect on the impact your company is having on its customers and the wider industry. The awards ceremony is also a great opportunity to meet other innovators in New Zealand and Australia, learning about their exciting initiatives and sharing stories of success.

We at InternetNZ are so proud to be part of awards that showcase positive contributions to the use and development of the Internet. N4L have done this so well and were highly deserving winners of the Access and Digital Skills category of the awards.

John says that their work has only just begun. The way schools use the Internet is constantly evolving and demand is skyrocketing. They are keeping ahead of this by continually building new capability into the network, ensuring every school has high quality Internet for teaching and learning, and access to tools like web filtering to keep their online environments safe.

The 2016 ANZIAs has now been launched and entries are open. We think New Zealanders in the tech space should carefully consider how they can take part in the ANZIAs. They are a great opportunity to showcase and promote your work and they provide a great platform to get well-earned recognition.