2010 Winners

  • Best Openness Initiative

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      WINNER: Canteen 'Now What' Initiative

      CanTeen is a national support organisation for 12-24 year olds living with cancer. It provides services and programs to young people who have cancer, have a parent or sibling with cancer or have had a parent or sibling die from cancer.
      The Now What initiative aims to provide a supportive and informative online community that young people can access to learn about different cancer types and ways to cope with their experience.

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      Highly Commended: Australasian Legal Information Institute (AUSTLII)

      AustLii provides free access to over 423 databases including treaties and legislation from all jurisdictions in Australia. It provides decisions of most courts and tribunals in Australia, for many of which it is the sole free access online provider. Since its inception, AustLII on average adds a new database for free access every fortnight and in 2009 it received over 305 million hits to its website.

  • Best Security Initiative

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      WINNER: AusCERT 'Repatriation of data stolen by malware to affected parties' initiative

      Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a name given to expert groups that handle computer security incidents. AusCERT was formed in 1993, is one of the oldest CERTs in the world and was the first CERT to operate in Australia as the national CERT, which it did from 2006 to 2010.
      Through its initiative, AusCERT repatriates data stolen from malware infected computers and attempts to notify the affected parties in order to mitigate the harm.

  • Best Accessibility Initiative

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      WINNER: The National Library of New Zealand 'Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa'

      The Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) provides free access to broadband Internet services in public libraries so that everyone can benefit from accessing, experiencing and creating digital content.
      APNK provides modern computing equipment and broadband Internet access to 123 sites nationwide for everyone, even those on low incomes or in rural communities where Internet access can be problematic. APNK maintains a managed network of over 570 PCs and 100 WiFi hotspots at libraries and marae around New Zealand.

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      Highly Commended: Community Technology Centres Association (CTCS)

      The NSW Community Technology Program was established in 2000 in NSW rural towns generally with a population of 3000 or less. The CTCs network now consists of 57 member organisations located in small towns and indigenous communities throughout regional NSW. CTCs are based on the belief that access to information technology resources and digital literacy education is crucial to the economies, environments, people and cultures of rural and regional communities.
      CTCs are much more than just Internet enabled centres. They provide access to people in regional NSW regardless of computer ownership or broadband infrastructure to isolated homes, to any health, education, government, community and or emergency services program that is delivered online. They provide training, support and facilitation to people who do not have the information technology skills or are otherwise unable to access online resources unaided.

  • Best Diversity Initiative

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      WINNER: Terabyte Interactive Ltd 'Lindauer Online' Initiative

      Originally formed in 1988, Terabyte pioneered the use of digital technologies in the print industry before spearheading the development of interactive media in New Zealand.
      On 2 July 2010, the Lindauer Online Initiative was launched. This initiative is the result of a partnership between the Auckland Art Gallery and Terabyte to design and develop an interactive website depicting paintings of portrait artist Gottfried Lindauer.
      The website brings to life a walking gallery experience showcasing Lindauer's Maori portraits with the ability to zoom into the detail of the canvas. Users can engage with the content from a 1918 visitor's book and trace their Maori heritage through Lindauer's works.

  • Best Youth Initiative

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      WINNER: Darwin City Council 'Grind Online Initiative'

      Darwin City Council (DCC) has a central focus in facilitating and providing services for
      all of its community. The average age within Darwin is far younger than the Australian
      average; with an increased incidence of youth crime and violence. To respond, DCC
      established a youth engagement program ‘GRIND’ in partnership with the youth
      community. GRIND provides youth community participation opportunities through a
      medium created by young people. This program is managed by DCC’s Youth Service
      Trainee – Cassandra Fraser-Bell.