2011 Winners

  • Security & Privacy

    • security2011

      WINNER: Telstra

      Telstra is one of Australia’s largest telecommunications and information services companies. They offer a range of communications services and compete in all telecommunications markets throughout Australia.
      Telstra acknowledges the risks presented to vulnerable users online and has created an Internet and Cyber Safety webpage to help its customer base manage these risks.
      Their site makes it easy for people to access information and expertise on key cyber-safety issues; provides regular advice specific to life stages and emerging topics and uses real-life case studies and videos to ensure information is relatable and presented in easy to understand language.
      This project has seen a coordinated focus on providing fresh expert content for topical cyber-safety issues including cyber-bullying, online scams and identity theft.

    • security2011hc

      Highly Commended: Aura RedEye Security

      Aura RedEye Security is a managed-service and software solution that protects businesses from online attack.
      This organisation recognises that when a website is hacked it is not only the corporation or government agency in question that is compromised, but that the data belonging to individuals is also at risk.
      With the growth of the internet and online services, a huge amount of personal and financial data is now held online – everything from banking and credit card data to health records, photos and even scanned signatures.
      Aura Red Eye helps protect this data by scanning their customer’s websites and IP addresses everyday for security holes and vulnerabilities. They are made up of a team of top IT Security experts who analyse these scans for issues of relevance and provide recommendations for immediate action.

  • Internet Access & Digital Skills

    • access2011


      The judges felt that the CAVI project was an absolute stand out – not only in this category, but across all of the applications received for the award program this year.
      The judges agreed that this project has the potential to make a huge amount of difference to its target group.
      The Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired equips vision impaired people for jobs and raises their self-esteem. Because the needs of this group are substantial, the impact of the project is all-the-greater.
      The judges agree this project already has a significant international dimension, and there is no reason why it should not develop as an essentially borderless program. The concept of developing new learning styles is exciting and has application beyond this target group. To assist these lofty goals, the project has strong support and involvement from a major IT company.
      CAVI has shown that it is possible to successfully teach blind students remotely using today’s technology and the concept of the "virtual classroom", even in areas with limited access to the Internet. It currently has 18 students in Australia and New Zealand with a total of just under 100 students globally.

    • access2011hc

      Highly Commended: Infoxchange

      Infoxchange Australia provides access to a group who can derive great benefit from it, but who could not have readily obtained that access otherwise. This project has attracted significant external support, and has solid achievements over a significant period of time. The judges said this project was beautifully-documented and demonstrated great evaluations of its outcomes.
      Infoxchange Australia has a mission to create social equality and opportunity by empowering people through access to IT and enabling the exchange of information and ideas. This project is a whole-of-community effort, designed to eradicate the digital divide by providing access to computer hardware, software, affordable Internet, training, and user support for residents of low-income and disadvantaged communities.

  • Information

    • information2011

      WINNER: Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation

      Our judges felt that the winner of the Information category was an absolute stand out.
      The Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation's 'Tune in not out' initiative ticked all the boxes in relation to relevance, appeal, design and accessibility. This project was created to passionately empower young Australian’s aged 16-25 with engaging, authentic and trusted health and wellbeing information to support them to navigate life’s challenges. This is achieved through a website that features over 230 on-demand videos across 90 topics such as: mental and sexual health, bullying, drugs, relationships, and body image. These videos are supported by fact sheets, real stories, blogs and music.
      The judges commended the Tune in Not Out project because of its demonstrated understanding of the offline activities of its visitors and the way in which these were factored into the design of the site.

    • information2011hc

      Highly Commended: The Courier - Ballarat

      The Courier has used the web to expand the boundaries of how traditional news is presented and delivered. This website is easy to navigate and has embraced the use of social media.
      The judges agreed that the Courier excels in its use of the web to engage and involve new communities in the telling of their news and stories, moving outside traditional modes of journalism.
      In particular, the judges recognised the achievements of The Courier in communicating stories of the severe floods that affected their readership earlier this year.

  • IPv6

    • ipv62011

      WINNER: DTS Ltd

      According to the judges, DTS Ltd was a stand out amongst the other finalists. The judges agreed that this organisation is: highly focused on delivering a good solution for its customers, making IPv6 adoption as easy as possible for end users, solving problems even though resources were often highly constrained, identifying and overcoming challenges associated with existing suppliers and ensuring the most universal applicability possible.
      The judges noted that DTS provides a much needed step towards universal adoption of IPv6, in the preferred native dual stack configuration.

    • ipv62011hc

      Highly Commended: Internode

      Internode was amongst the earliest adopters of IPv6 in Australia. The judges agreed this organisation demonstrated a great example of successful IPv6 transition amongst their industry peers.
      Internode's trial deployment of IPv6 involved a wide cross-section of organisations, proving the scalability and applicability of their model. Their approach to full commercial launch is pragmatic and provides I wide range of options for their customers. The judges were impressed with Internode’s leadership in the field and the way they are moving forward to support other IPv6 related facilities.

  • Diversity

    • diversity2011

      WINNER: Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

      Indigenous disadvantage in health is a central issue in Australia with ‘closing the gap’ a national priority. Recent commitments by all governments have seen around $5 billion allocated to address these shortcomings. The judges in the diversity category agreed that the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet makes a significant contribution to improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
      Through a visually stunning interface, our winner developed an online indigenous health resource, that helps overcome the obstacles posed by Australia’s vast geographic expanses and the remoteness of many affected communities. The judges commented that many communities and projects from outside Australia could learn a lot from this important resource that appropriately respects the culture of our first nation people.
      The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is used by a wide range of stakeholder groups including policy-makers, government and non-government organisations, health service providers, researchers, academics and the general community.

    • diversity2011hc

      Highly Commended: Victoria University of Wellington - NZSL Online

      The judges agree that NZSL Online provides a great resource for its community, utilising a range of outstanding visual tools.
      Since 2006, New Zealand Sign Language has legal status as an official language of New Zealand. The project to receive the highly commended prize tonight is one that expands users’ access to NZSL by developing a bilingual multimedia online dictionary.
      This resource is designed for learners and teachers of NZSL, the Deaf community, families, interpreters, researchers and everyone interested in the language.

  • Innovation

    • innovation12011hc

      Highly Commended: Beek

      The judges agree that Beek has truly embraced the visual and interactive nature of online projects today. This project is best described as an online interactive tour guide.
      Using 3D panoramic images combined with pictures, sounds, voices and video this project provides prospective tourists and visitors with a rich online preview of their holiday, destinations and accommodation.
      Beekhelps users create a relationship with their chosen travel destination through unique features such as the use of local characters and personalities to “tell the story” of each location.

    • innovation22011

      Highly Commended: Department Of Internal Affairs NZ - IGOVT

      The Department of Internal Affairs NZ helps facilitate end-user interaction with government resources. A universal challenge when making information and services available online is identifying and authenticating users. This government project was designed to solve that problem, while also enabling the government to offer more resources, in a more coordinated way.

    • innovation32011hc

      Highly Commended: Paperkut Paperless Receipts

      Paperkut Paperless Receipts is a friend to accountants and retailers and their clients and customers. This project is a platform used to replace traditional paper receipts with a digital version that allows better handling and storage of information.
      With the click of a button, a retailer can email a receipt to their customer at the point of sale. The relevant transaction information is housed in a multi-location data repository and is available 24/7. Although it is only at the development stage, the judges agreed that this is an online product they would want to use now!