2015 Winners

  • Security & Online Safety

    • Optus workshop

      WINNER: Optus - Digital Thumbprint Program

      Optus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group. In Australia, Optus services over 10 million customers each day including mobile, telephony, business network, internet, satellite and subscription television.

      Digital Thumbprint is a free digital citizenship program for secondary schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.

      Consisting of three face-to-face, curriculum-aligned workshops, DT makes digital education fun, interactive, relevant and teaches the benefits of a positive online presence – with facts and tools to stay safe while using digital technology.

    • DL screenshot

      Highly Commended: The eSmart Digital Licence

      The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is the leading Australian not-for-profit organisation protecting children from violence and bullying. Their vision is that all children will live in a safe and supportive environment.

      The eSmart Digital Licence is an online challenge which uses quizzes, videos and games to prepare Australian children (aged 10 and over) to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens. It consists of eight interactive, web-based learning modules which evaluate comprehension of key technology and cybersafety topics.

  • Access & Digital Skills

    • N4L screenshot

      WINNER: N4L (Network for Learning)

      N4L (Network for Learning) is a Crown company formed to provide all New Zealand students and teachers equitable access to high quality internet services and dynamic digital content for learning. The aim is to improve educational outcomes by enabling new learning opportunities presented by digital technologies and the government’s investment in ultra-fast broadband (UFB). The company is achieving this aim by building a Managed Network especially designed for schools and an online learning hub called Pond. Together, these initiatives are about investing in our young people, digitally empowering their education for a future-ready, world-ready Aotearoa New Zealand.

    • UEBOnline screenshot

      Highly Commended: UEB Online

      Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) has created the world’s first eLearning braille course. UEB Online is an interactive, online course that teaches people to learn Unified English Braille (UEB). The course is designed for people who can see, creating opportunities for families, mainstream educators, friends and colleagues to access a simple system that will allow them support children and adults with vision loss who are using braille, no matter where they live.

      UEB Online works by using a computer, web browser and keyboard. Users go online and register for free and can access the program from any location. The keyboard is used to simulate a braille writer with six keys on the keyboard representing the six dots of braille. Since going live last year, UEB Online has seen over 3,300 users access the program over 58,000 times.

  • Information

    • govtnz

      WINNER: Govt.nz

      Govt.nz is a team within the Government Information Services group at the Department of Internal Affairs.

      Govt.nz delivers all-of-government information to the public in a user-centric manner, to make it easier to find and use New Zealand government information online – anywhere, anytime.

      Information is presented based on topics identified by users and continues to evolve based on evidence from ongoing user testing, feedback and research.

    • The Conversation screenshot

      Highly Commended: The Conversation

      The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.

      The Conversation has built a giant virtual newsroom with the brightest minds from the university sector working with editors to translate research and expertise into free, relevant, readable content. This custom web platform helps experts build skills in communicating with the public, with tools to extend and measure public engagement.

  • Diversity

    • ACEM screenshot

      WINNER: Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

      The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) is the not-for-profit organisation responsible for training emergency physicians and the advancement of professional standards in emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

      The IH&CC Program, funded by the Australian Department of Health, is a series of culturally relevant education tools and resources for doctors, and other healthcare practitioners, to enhance culturally competent communication and overall care for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other culturally and linguistically diverse patients in emergency departments.

    • EAA screenshot

      Highly Commended: Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA)/Yarning Epilepsy

      Established in 1952, Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA) has developed into the largest provider of specialist epilepsy services for people with epilepsy, their carers, families, and the broader community.

      EAA has been a part of a research partnership in ground-breaking epidemiological research into epilepsy in Australia. With its solid infrastructure, rich base of technical expertise and qualified staff, Epilepsy Action is poised to take bold steps to fulfill its mission of delivering innovative services that increase epilepsy awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills.

      ‘Yarning Epilepsy’ is a linguistically and culturally tailored, flexible, online epilepsy education course aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) healthcare/disability workers and liaison officers. It covers a range of topics which raise awareness of the facts about epilepsy within the communities they live and work.

  • Innovation

    • StartSomeGood screenshot

      WINNER: StartSomeGood

      StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for community benefit projects. They exclusively support social innovators to raise funds in order to make a difference. They provide a purpose-driven platform and the best advice, coaching and support on how to use it.

      StartSomeGood has the crowdfunding industry's highest success rate of 53%; the 1-on-1 support that they provide is a demonstration of our commitment each campaign's success.

      StartSomeGood has raised $5m+ to enable 500 successful campaigns get off the ground, and positively impact tens of thousands of lives. Their goal is to help fund 10,000 projects to improve 10 million lives in the next three years.

    • CareMonkey screenshot

      Highly Commended: CareMonkey

      CareMonkey is a risk management system providing instant access to emergency and medical data for authorised carers on their mobile devices, even when they are offline.

      CareMonkey automatically keeps medical & emergency details up-to-date for families and organisations with a duty of care. Emergency data is instantly available to authorised carers on mobile devices in emergencies (even when offline) so they know who to call, what to do, or what to tell ambulance paramedics.

  • The Leonie Dunbar Memorial Award For Community Websites

    • Tamahere screenshot

      WINNER: Tamahere Forum

      Tamahere Forum is a community news website primarily for the residents of the rural district of Tamahere, Waikato, New Zealand.

      It was established in June 2008 after a fatal explosion and fire at a central Tamahere business, Icepak Coolstores, to keep the community informed of the many issues that arose from the incident. The forum became an essential medium for sharing and discussing the community’s news, events and issues. It attracts interest from outside the district.

      About two years after its establishment, the Tamahere Community Committee, whose members represent the community, chose to use Tamahere Forum as its main method for communicating to Tamahere people. On average the site has around 13,000 unique visits a week.

    • Bathurst screenshot

      Highly Commended: Bathurst Community Website Inc.

      Bathurst Community Website is the longest running community website in Australia and was part of the trial that paved the way for community websites in Australia. Membership of the organisation is open to any individual, community organisation or business that has its principal address within the 2795 postcode.

      The organisation is governed by a management committee that is elected at the AGM and meets monthly. The work of the organisation is carried out by volunteers who provide their time and expertise to carry out the major functions of the website, including liaising with business and community groups as well as updating website structure and content.